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These trip reports are close to 10 years old and with so many newer and better resources available, I've decided to let HockeyPuck's Hiking move to the cached servers of the internet archives.

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NH Town high points

The table below alphabetically lists the towns in the state of New Hampshire. It also includes the County, highest point, elevation, map and trip report (if available). This list was created and compiled by HockeyPuck using a variety of sources and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Towns with trip reports available have blue text in the Map and Trip Report columns. Towns listed in yellow text are locations which I have visited the highest point.

New Hampshire Town Highpoints
Town County Summit Elevation MAP Trip Report
1 Acworth Sullivan Gove Hill 1939MAP Trip Report
2Albany Carroll Mt. Chocorua 3474 MAPTrip Report
3AlexandriaGraftonMt. Cardigan (Firescrew Ridge)3040MAP Trip Report
4AllenstownMerrimackBear Hill 835MAP Trip Report
5AlsteadCheshireSmith Hill1795MAP Trip Report
6AltonBelknapStraightback Mtn. (Northern Peak)1910MAP Trip Report
7AmherstHillsboroughChestnut Hill 865MAP Trip Report
8AndoverMerrimackKearsarge (Northern Slopes)2460MAP Trip Report
9AntrimHillsboroughBald Mtn.2037MAP Trip Report
10AshlandGraftonHicks Hill 1386MAP Trip Report
11AtkinsonRockinghamHog Hill430MAP Trip Report
12AuburnRockingham Mt. Miner582MAP Trip Report
Mine Hill580MAP Trip Report
Mt. Misery580MAP Trip Report
13BarnsteadBelknapNorthern Border (near Lockes Corner)1190MAP Trip Report
14BarringtonStraffordUnnamed Summit (near western border)610MAP Trip Report
15BartlettCarrollMt. Tremont3371MAP Trip Report
16BathGraftonGardner Mtn. Knob (3 points)1980MAP Trip Report
17BedfordHillsboroughHolbrook Hill845MAP Trip Report
18BelmontBelknapUnnamed Summit (Northern Border)1360MAP Trip Report
19BenningtonHillsboroughCrotched Mtn. (Slope)2020MAP Trip Report
20BentonGrafton Mt. Moosilauke4802MAP Trip Report
21BerlinCoosNorth Weeks3901MAP Trip Report
22BethlehemGrafton North Twin Mtn.4781MAP Trip Report
23BoscawenMerrimackUnnamed Summit (at Raleigh Farm)930MAP Trip Report
24BowMerrimackPicked Hill915MAP Trip Report
25BradfordMerrimackUnnamed Summit (Ayers Pond)2096MAP Trip Report
26BrentwoodRockinghamGreat Hill275MAP Trip Report
27BridgewaterGraftonPeaked Hill1905MAP Trip Report
28BristolGraftonBristol Peak1803MAP Trip Report
29BrookfieldCarrollCopple Crown Mtn.1868MAP Trip Report
30BrooklineHillsboroughBirch Hill (Western Summit)810MAP Trip Report
31CamptonGraftonMt. Weetamoo2548MAP Trip Report
32CanaanGraftonUnnamed Ridge (Northeast Corner)2270MAP Trip Report
33CandiaRockinghamHall Mtn.941MAP Trip Report
34CanterburyMerrimackUnnamed Summit (near Forest Pond)1390MAP Trip Report
35CarrollCoosMt. Deception (Western bump)3670MAP Trip Report
36Center HarborBelknap Sunset Hill1121MAP Trip Report
37CharlestownSullivanSams Hill1683MAP Trip Report
38ChathamCarrollSouth Baldface3547MAP Trip Report
39ChesterRockinghamUnnamed Summit639MAP Trip Report
40ChesterfieldCheshireDavis Hill1427MAP Trip Report
41ChichesterMerrimackUnnamed Summit (southern border)1015MAP Trip Report
42ClaremontSullivanGreen Mtn.2018MAP Trip Report
43ClarksvilleCoosCrystal Mtn.3230MAP Trip Report
44ColebrookCoosVan Dyck Mtn.2760MAP Trip Report
45ColumbiaCoosBunnell / Blue Mtn.3720MAP Trip Report
46ConcordMerrimackOak Hill (Western Slope)860MAP Trip Report
47ConwayCarrollBlack Cap2369MAP Trip Report
48CornishSullivanCroydon Peak Knob (Eastern Boundary)2323MAP Trip Report
49CroydonSullivanCroydon Peak2760MAP Trip Report
50DaltonCoosDalton Mtn.2146MAP Trip Report
51DanburyMerrimackTinkham Hill2320MAP Trip Report
52DanvilleRockinghamUnnamed Hill (Eastern Border)350MAP Trip Report
Rock Rimmon Hill350MAP Trip Report
53DeerfieldRockinghamNottingham Mtn.1345MAP Trip Report
54DeeringHillsboroughClark Summit1570MAP Trip Report
55DerryRockinghamWarner Hill605MAP Trip Report
56DorchesterGraftonSmarts Mtn. (East Ridge)3190MAP Trip Report
57DoverStraffordLong Hill300MAP Trip Report
58DublinCheshireMt. Monadnock (Northeastern Ridge)2834MAP Trip Report
59DummerCoosCow Mtn.2289MAP Trip Report
60DunbartonMerrimackUnnamed Peak925MAP Trip Report
61DurhamStraffordBeech Hill291MAP Trip Report
62East KingstonRockinghamMorse Hill315MAP Trip Report
63EastonGraftonNorth Kinsman (West Slope)4040MAP Trip Report
64EatonCarrollCragged Mtn. (North Slope)1730MAP Trip Report
65EffinghamCarrollGreen Mtn.1884MAP Trip Report
66EllsworthGraftonMt. Kineo3313MAP Trip Report
67EnfieldGraftonProspect Hill2100MAP Trip Report
68EppingRockinghamKennard Hill472MAP Trip Report
69EpsomMerrimackFort Mtn.1413MAP Trip Report
70ErrolCoosSignal Mtn. (Northeastern Ridge)2340MAP Trip Report
Black Mtn. (Southwest Ridge)2340MAP Trip Report
70ExeterRockinghamGreat Hill250MAP Trip Report
71FarmingtonStraffordBlue Job Mtn.1350MAP Trip Report
72FitzwilliamCheshireLittle Monadnock Mtn.1883MAP Trip Report
73FrancestownHillsboroughCrotched Mtn.2066MAP Trip Report
74FranconiaGraftonMt. Lafayette5249MAP Trip Report
75FranklinMerrimackUnnamed Summit (Northwestern corner)1370MAP Trip Report
76FreedomCarrollCragged mountain1806MAP Trip Report
77FremontRockinghamUnnamed Summit322MAP Trip Report
78GilfordBelknapBelknap Mtn.2384MAP Trip Report
79GilmantonBelknapMt. Mack1945MAP Trip Report
80GilsumCheshireUnnamed hill (Eastern Boundary)1657MAP Trip Report
81GoffstownHillsboroughNorth Uncanoonuc1324MAP Trip Report
82GorhamCoosMt. Madison Spur3030MAP Trip Report
83GoshenSullivanSunapee Ridge Knob (near Goves Mtn.)2529MAP Trip Report
84GraftonGraftonMelvin Mtn.2177MAP Trip Report
85GranthamSullivanGrantham Mtn.2660MAP Trip Report
86GreenfieldHillsboroughNorth Pack Monadnock2276MAP Trip Report
87GreenlandRockinghamBreakfast Hill 151MAP Trip Report
88GreenvilleHillsboroughBarrett Hill1270MAP Trip Report
89GrotonGraftonTenney Mtn.2350MAP Trip Report
90HampsteadRockinghamButman Hill (Eastern Knob)460MAP Trip Report
91HamptonRockinghamBride Hill150MAP Trip Report
92Hampton FallsRockinghamGreat Hill230MAP Trip Report
93HancockHillsboroughSkatutakee Mtn.2002MAP Trip Report
94HanoverGraftonMoose Mtn. (North Peak)2313MAP Trip Report
95HarrisvilleCheshireCobb Hill1909MAP Trip Report
96Hart's LocationCarrollWilley Mtn. (Slope)3900MAP Trip Report
97HaverhillGraftonBlack Mtn. (Western Slope)2830MAP Trip Report
98HebronGraftonTenney Mtn. (South Knob)2240MAP Trip Report
99HennikerMerrimackUnnamed Summit (northwest corner)1552MAP Trip Report
100HillMerrimackDickinson Hill1910MAP Trip Report
101HillsboroughHillsboroughThompson Hill1768MAP Trip Report
102HinsdaleCheshireWantastiquet Mtn.1378MAP Trip Report
103HoldernessGraftonMt. Webster (Squam Range)2076MAP Trip Report
104HollisHillsboroughBirch Hill821MAP Trip Report
105HooksettMerrimackQuimby Mtn.902MAP Trip Report
106HopkintonMerrimackShaker Hill923MAP Trip Report
107HudsonHillsboroughBush Hill515MAP Trip Report
108JacksonCarrollWildcat Ridge3870MAP Trip Report
109JaffreyCheshireMt. Monadnock3165MAP Trip Report
110JeffersonCoosMt. Starr King3907MAP Trip Report
111KeeneCheshireGrays Hill1388MAP Trip Report
112KensingtonRockinghamIndian Ground Hill305MAP Trip Report
113KilkennyCoosMt. Cabot4160MAP Trip Report
114KingstonRockinghamRock Rimmon Hill350MAP Trip Report
115LaconiaBelknapPickerel Hill960MAP Trip Report
116LancasterCoosMt. Cabot (Western Spur)3290MAP Trip Report
117LandaffGraftonMoody Ledge2326MAP Trip Report
118LangdonSullivanHolden Hill1348MAP Trip Report
119LebanonGraftonShaker Mtn. (northern end)1657MAP Trip Report
120LeeStraffordUnnamed Summit272MAP Trip Report
121LempsterSullivanBean Mtn.2326MAP Trip Report
122LincolnGrafton Mt. Carrigan4700MAP Trip Report
Mt. Bond4700MAP Trip Report
123LisbonGraftonUnnamed Summit (east of Pearl Lake)1620MAP Trip Report
124LitchfieldHillsboroughRocky Hill357MAP Trip Report
125LittletonGraftonTowns Mtn.2203MAP Trip Report
126LondonderryRockingham"Number Eight Hill"535MAP Trip Report
127LoudonMerrimackUnnamed Summit (Sabbatus Heights)1050MAP Trip Report
128LymanGraftonGardener Mtn. Knob2285MAP Trip Report
129LymeGraftonSmarts Mtn.3238MAP Trip Report
130LyndeboroughHillsboroughNorth Pack Monadnock (East Ridge)1800MAP Trip Report
131MadburyStraffordHicks Hill331MAP Trip Report
132MadisonCarrollLyman Mtn.1558MAP Trip Report
133ManchesterHillsboroughWellington Hill570MAP Trip Report
134MarlboroughCheshireBigelow Hill (slope)1516MAP Trip Report
135MarlowCheshireHuntley Mtn.1978MAP Trip Report
136MasonHillsboroughUnnamed Summit1100MAP Trip Report
137MeredithBelknapLeavitt Mtn.1414MAP Trip Report
138MerrimackHillsboroughUnnamed Summit512MAP Trip Report
139MiddletonStraffordMoose Mountain Range1670MAP Trip Report
140MilanCoosDeer Ridge2808MAP Trip Report
141MilfordHillsboroughBoynton Hill814MAP Trip Report
142MiltonStraffordTeneriffe Mtn.1090MAP Trip Report
143MonroeGraftonGardener Mtn.2299MAP Trip Report
144Mont VernonHillsboroughWilkins Point (near Storey Hill summit)1015MAP Trip Report
145MoultonboroughCarrollMt. Shaw2990MAP Trip Report
146NashuaHillsboroughGilboa Hill426MAP Trip Report
147NelsonCheshireOsgood Hill (Nelson Pinnacle)2253MAP Trip Report
148New BostonHillsboroughJoe English Hill1285MAP Trip Report
149New CastleRockinghamWentworth by the Sea Hill60MAP Trip Report
150New DurhamStraffordCopple Crown Mtn. (SW slope)1700MAP Trip Report
151New HamptonBelknapHersey Mtn. (West ridge)1840MAP Trip Report
152New IpswichHillsboroughNew Ipswich Mtn.1881MAP Trip Report
153New LondonMerrimackMorgan Hill1770MAP Trip Report
154NewburyMerrimackMt. Sunapee2726MAP Trip Report
155NewfieldsRockinghamOakland Hill240MAP Trip Report
156NewingtonRockinghamNewington Cemetery130MAP Trip Report
157NewmarketRockinghamBald Hill281MAP Trip Report
158NewportSullivanUnnamed ridge (southern border)1920MAP Trip Report
159NewtonRockinghamBrandy Brow Hill289MAP Trip Report
160North HamptonRockinghamPine Hill160MAP Trip Report
161NorthfieldMerrimackBean Hill1500MAP Trip Report
162NorthumberlandCoosPilot Range (Spur)2860MAP Trip Report
163NorthwoodRockinghamSaddleback Mtn.1150MAP Trip Report
164NottinghamRockinghamNorth Pawtuckaway995MAP Trip Report
165OrangeGraftonCardigan3155MAP Trip Report
166OrfordGraftonMt. Cube2909MAP Trip Report
167OssipeeCarrollOssipee Mtns. (western ridge)2080MAP Trip Report
168PelhamHillsboroughJeremy Hill577MAP Trip Report
169PembrokeMerrimackPlausawa Hill1000MAP Trip Report
170PeterboroughHillsboroughSouth Pack Monadnock2290MAP Trip Report
171PiermontGraftonPiermont Mtn.2717MAP Trip Report
172PittsburgCoosStub Hill3627 MAP Trip Report
173PittsfieldMerrimackCatamount Mtn.1331MAP Trip Report
174PlainfieldSullivanGrantham Mtn.2660MAP Trip Report
175PlaistowRockinghamUnnamed Summit384MAP Trip Report
176PlymouthGraftonPlymouth Mtn.2193MAP Trip Report
177PortsmouthRockinghamPease International highpoint110MAP Trip Report
178RandolphCoosMt. Madison (Howker Ridge Knob)3950MAP Trip Report
179RaymondRockinghamDumplingtown Hill625MAP Trip Report
180RichmondCheshireUnnamed Summit1624MAP Trip Report
181RindgeCheshirePratt Mtn. (lower slope)1505MAP Trip Report
182RochesterStraffordNute ridge (southern Ext.)581MAP Trip Report
183RollinsfordStraffordUnnamed Summit300MAP Trip Report
184RoxburyCheshireBassett Hill1644MAP Trip Report
185RumneyGraftonCarr Mtn. (Southern slope)2960MAP Trip Report
186RyeRockinghamBreakfast Hill151MAP Trip Report
187SalemRockinghamGordons Hill380MAP Trip Report
188SalisburyMerrimackKearsarge (eastern slope)1910MAP Trip Report
189SanborntonBelknapHersey Mtn.2001MAP Trip Report
190SandownRockinghamHoyt Hill505MAP Trip Report
191SandwichCarrollSandwich Mtn.3993MAP Trip Report
192Sargent's PurchaseCoosMt. Washington6288MAP Trip Report
193SeabrookRockinghamGrape Hill (slope)217MAP Trip Report
194SharonHillsboroughHolt Peak2045MAP Trip Report
195ShelburneCoosMt. Moriah (north of summit)3970MAP Trip Report
196SomersworthStraffordProspect Hill310MAP Trip Report
197South HamptonRockinghamSawyers Hill320MAP Trip Report
198SpringfieldSullivanMelvin Hill2303MAP Trip Report
199StarkCoosMt. Hutchins3730MAP Trip Report
200StewartstownCoosSugar Hill2985MAP Trip Report
201StoddardCheshirePitcher Mtn.2162MAP Trip Report
202StraffordStraffordParker Mtn.1420MAP Trip Report
203StratfordCoosSugarloaf Mtn.3700MAP Trip Report
204StrathamRockinghamStratham Hill (Jewell Hill)290MAP Trip Report
205Sugar HillGraftonBronson Hill2078MAP Trip Report
206SullivanCheshireBoynton Hill1739MAP Trip Report
207SunapeeSullivanNorthern Border near Ledge Pond1600MAP Trip Report
208SurryCheshireDerry Hill (upper slope)1555MAP Trip Report
209SuttonMerrimackKings Hill1930MAP Trip Report
210SwanzeyCheshireFranklin Mtn.1423MAP Trip Report
211TamworthCarrollBlack Snout2689MAP Trip Report
212TempleHillsboroughSouth Pack Monadnock (Spur)2190MAP Trip Report
213ThorntonGraftonDickey Mtn. (western ridge)2580MAP Trip Report
214TiltonBelknapCalef Hill866MAP Trip Report
215TroyCheshireGap Mtn. (South)1900MAP Trip Report
216TuftonboroughCarrollShaw Mtn. (South Peak)2930MAP Trip Report
217UnitySullivanUnnamed Summit2011MAP Trip Report
218WakefieldCarrollLong Mtn.1110MAP Trip Report
219WalpoleCheshireDerry Hill1663MAP Trip Report
220WarnerMerrimackMt. Kearsarge2937MAP Trip Report
221WarrenGraftonCarr Mtn. (North Ridge)3330MAP Trip Report
222WashingtonSullivanLovewell Mtn.2496MAP Trip Report
223Waterville ValleyGraftonNorth Tripyramid4180MAP Trip Report
224WeareHillsborough Mt. Dearborn1211MAP Trip Report
Mine Hill1211MAP Trip Report
Mt. Wallingford1211MAP Trip Report
225WebsterMerrimackMt. Webster870MAP Trip Report
226WentworthGraftonCarr Mtn.3453MAP Trip Report
227WestmorelandCheshireHyland Hill1510MAP Trip Report
228WhitefieldCoos Howland Hill1712MAP Trip Report
Kimball Hill1712MAP Trip Report
229WilmontMerrimackMt. Kearsarge2931MAP Trip Report
230WiltonHillsboroughFisk Hill (eastern slope)1140MAP Trip Report
231WinchesterCheshireFranklin Mtn.1424MAP Trip Report
232WindhamRockinghamJenny's Hill505MAP Trip Report
233WindsorHillsboroughWindsor Mtn.1604MAP Trip Report
234WolfeboroCarrollMoody Mtn.1420MAP Trip Report
235WoodstockGraftonMt. Moosilauke4802MAP Trip Report


  1. The high point in Freedom is Cragged Mountain, not Beech Hill. That's the main summit. The lower bump on the west end of the summit plateau is the high point of Eaton. Mike

    1. I stand corrected. I've edited the page to reflect the 1806 Ft high point in Freedom as Cragged Mountain. Thanks for providing the feedback.


  2. High point for South Hampton is Chair Hill at 330'.