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These trip reports are close to 10 years old and with so many newer and better resources available, I've decided to let HockeyPuck's Hiking move to the cached servers of the internet archives.

I'd like to thank everyone for reading my trip reports and sharing your constructive feedback and positive comments.

See you on the trails and enjoy the next adventure, wherever it takes you.

NH200 highest

Dear readers,

I recently read a trip report for a New Hampshire mountain on the New England Hundred Highest list that concerned me.  I won't share the site, trip report or user name of the creator and I hope anyone with the slightest bit of common sense and ability to reason the backwoods etiquette of leave no trace (LNT) principles would find the report appalling.  It contained detailed information regarding a well trodden path, route flagging, hatchet markings and a plethora of evidence that this particular 'bushwhack' does not require the 'next level' skills of off trail navigation using a map & compass.  GPSr technology and on-line resources (such as HockeyPuck's highpointing) allow the novice hiker to move forward to the next list without learning the necessary skills to achieve further goals.

The NH100 highest list contains approximately 40 mountains that require off trail navigation that, with dedication, perseverance and the learning curve of making mistakes along the way, will hopefully hone the bushwhacking skills needed to advance your personal ability. It's not about completing a list or receiving an award or a patch. Each mountain requires research, dedication, hard work and a little piece of insanity inside your brain that actually enjoys the physical and mental challenge.  I hope you find my site a useful resource to assist you with the development of the necessary skills required and advance your personal ability to complete the NH100 list.  I offer my sincere admiration to anyone willing to pursue this list and a heartfelt congratulations to anyone who completes it.

Now that you've completed the New Hampshire hundred highest, I challenge you to test your ability even further.  Create your own NH3000 footer and/or NH200 highest list. Research the summits, potential parking locations and determine ideal routes on your own.  I hope my site has provided the guidance and tools needed to challenge yourself, to push yourself, to believe in yourself and most importantly to trust your knowledge that you have the ability to complete whichever future challenge you set your heart and mind to.

Personally, I'm working towards the NH3000 and NH200 highest lists that I have diligently compiled, compared, plotted, mapped and researched.  I can't tell you if these lists are accurate but I can tell you that I've thoroughly done my homework and I've enjoyed every second of the assignment.  I won't be sharing my list or trip reports to these peaks and believe that if you've come this far, to complete the NH100 highest, that you have the ability to move forward without my assistance.

Good luck with your endeavors.

HockeyPuck - Trevor

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