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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Britton Hill - 345 Ft. Florida High Point

STATE: Florida
TOWN: Lakewood
SUMMIT COORDINATES: N30 59.172, W86 16.892
DISTANCE: 1.0 miles
HIKING TIME: 5 minutes
SEASON: Summer
DATE: August 9, 2016
WEATHER: Hot and humid


Britton Hill is located in Lakewood Park off County Highway 285. There is a pavilion with several picnic tables and a restroom facility within the park along with the granite highpoint marker and some short hiking trails.


MAP: (Britton Hill)


At 345 Feet Britton Hill is the highest point in the state of Florida. It is located on the Florida panhandle near the Alabama border. It is the lowest high point of all fifty US states. The high point monument is 50 feet from the parking lot however there are three hiking trails behind the monument. a blue 0.45 mile loop, a yellow 0.52 mile loop and a red 0.71 mile loop. Following the trail behind the marker for approximately 0.25 to 0.3 miles will lead you to a bench sponsored by Note that there are a couple benches at the trail junctions however the highpointer sponsored bench should be considered the benchmark. There isn't a definitive peak here and the purist in me wandered the woods like a drunk bee searching for a distinct point. There are locations that are definitely higher than the monument and some that appear higher than the bench but nothing I could truly define as the HP. Lots of big ol' spiders. There is a log mounted on the restroom kiosk to the left of the men's door.


We were on a family vacation in Destin and I took a break from the beaches and excursions to make the hour drive to the HP for my 9th U.S. highpoint. The first (and probably only) high point I'll visit in flip flops.

Lakewood Park sign

Granite Monument

View from high point marker


  1. The view's actually not that bad...So, when you say bench, do you mean benchmarker or an actual bench that people can sit on? Sorry if that's a stupid question. Just curious!

    I think it's great your high pointing the States! I think it's something I'd like to do with my family at some point. Although, there are some tough ones that I don't see us ever completing (i.e. K2, Rainier, etc.).


    1. Hi Karl,

      It's doubtful I'll ever complete all 50 states but I certainly look for opportunities to hike as I travel or in this case have a free window of time during a family vacation.

      The granite monument and view shown above is from the park area and I'll call it the tourist high point. Trails behind the monument lead into the woods and a physical bench located at what appears to be the official high point. I did not locate a benchmark disk.


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