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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Round Mountain, Mt. Frissell, Mt. Frissell South Slope (CT Highpoint)

Mt. Frissell from the Round Mountain summit
STATE:Massachusetts / Connecticut
TOWN:Mt. Washington, MA
DESTINATION: Round Mountain, Mt. Frissell, Mt. Frissell Southern Slope (CT high-point)
ELEVATION: 2293 Ft, 2451 Ft, 2372 Ft.
Round Mountain SUMMIT COORDINATES: N42 02.930, W73 28.575
Mt. Frissell SUMMIT COORDINATES: N42 03.078, W73 28.926
Mt. Frissell S slope (CT Highpoint) COORDINATES: N42 02.985, W73 28.937
Tri-State Marker COORDINATES: N42 03.078, W73 28.926
TRAIL: Red trail
DISTANCE: 2.75 miles
HIKING TIME: 1 Hour 15 minutes
DATE: November 17, 2015
WEATHER: 45 Degrees, Clear


At the route 41 and 23 split in South Egremont, Ma take 41 south for 0.1 miles and turn onto Mt. Washington Rd. Follow Mt. Washington Rd due west for 2.5 miles as it rounds a small hill and turns to the south. After 4.4 miles Mt. Washington Rd becomes East St. Continue south for a total of 11.4 miles to the MA / CT border marker (left) N42 02.997, W73 28.023. At the Massachusetts and Connecticut border there is a small lot with room for 4 strategically placed cars and an overflow lot across the street with room for an additional six or seven vehicles. There is no signage at parking, lots are open on both sides of the street.

As of this report Mt. Washington road is closed for winter and barricaded from the south.

Depending on the map source you choose and direction the road may be called Riga Rd (if approaching from the south), Mt Washington Rd or East Rd.

USGS QUAD: Bash Bish Falls Quad

MAP: (Mt. Frissell)


There is no signage to mark the red trail which begins at the Massachusetts and Connecticut border on Mt. Washington Rd. The trail is easy to navigate as it travels through abundant Mountain Laurel everywhere. The first tenth of a mile is along flat ground then makes a sharp 90 degree left turn and begins a gradual and soon very steep ascent up the slope of Round Mountain. The trail climbs a series of steep granite slabs and is poorly marked with faded red paint on the rocks that can be difficult to spot with November leaf cover on the trail. Soon the trail reaches the open summit of 2293 foot Round Mountain which has open views in nearly all directions. Mt Frissell can be seen a short 0.25 miles to the northwest. Bear and Gridley Mountains to the southeast and the Catskills to the west.

The trail heads along the semi-open Round Mountain and can be difficult to follow as it traverses rocky outcrops, through laurel and descends a short distance into the col before steeply ascending Mt. Frissell. As you reach the summit proper the summit sign and visitor register can be seen a approximately 50 feet to the north. Continue south along the trail 1000 feet will lead you to a large cairn, the high-point marker and high-point register.

Continuing west another 0.25 miles will lead you to the NY, MA, CT tri-state marker and simultaneously standing in three states is worth the short 0.25 mile side trip.

I would recommend continuing west and making a loop by hiking N Brace mountain and Brace mountain along the Taconic Range in NY. The descent puts you further south on Mt. Washington Rd and requires a short road walk.


Parking - Round Mountain 0.8 mi 0.8 mi
Round Mountain - Mt. Frissell 0.4 mi 1.2 mi
Mt. Frissell - Mt. Frissell S. Slope (CT HP) 0.1 mi 1.3 mi
Mt. Frissell S. Slope - Tri-state marker 0.25 mi 1.55 mi
Tri-state marker - Mt. Frissell 0.35 mi 1.9 mi
Mt. Frissell - Parking 1.2 mi 2.75 mi


Parking - Round Mountain 15 minutes 15 minutes
Round Mountain - Mt. Frissell 15 minutes 30 minutes
Mt. Frissell - Mt. Frissell S. Slope (CT HP) 5 minutes 35 minutes
Mt. Frissell S. Slope - Tri-state marker 10 minutes 45 minutes
Tri-state marker - Mt. Frissell 10 minutes 55 minutes
Mt. Frissell - Parking 20 minutes 1 hour 15 minutes


I've been to the 5 other New England high-points and a visit to Mt. Frissell along with it's associated slope has been on the top of my short list for a long time.  The drive is approximately 3 hours 20 minutes from my home base in Manchester NH and I've been weighing whether the short hike and low elevations make the almost 7 hour round trip not worth the effort. I was driving to Long Island for business and made the side trip pit stop during my commute. The beautiful Taconic range makes the hiking worth the effort.  In addition to the CT state high-point, two (plus) peaks can be climbed, the NY/MA/CT tri-state marker is nearby and there are several geocaches / benchmarks along the way.

The Round Mountain summit is marked with a cairn,  Frissell has a sign marking the summit along with a visitor register,  the state high-point has a benchmark disk and short rod and the tri-state marker is a 3 foot tall cement post.

MA / CT state line on Mt. Washington Rd (parking)
Round Mountain (center), Gridley Mountain (right) and Bear Mountain (back)

Frissell South Slope, CT State High point

Tri-state Marker (NY Side)
Tri-state Marker (MA side)

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