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Thursday, July 11, 2013

South Uncanoonuc - 1321 Ft.

STATE: New Hampshire
DESTINATION: Mt. Uncanoonuc - South
TRAIL: Summit Trail
DISTANCE: 1.2 miles
HIKING TIME: 1 hour 30 minutes
SEASON: Mid-summer
DATE: August 2010
WEATHER: sunny, clear

PARKING: From route 114 in Goffstown turn onto Wallace road and follow it 1.4 miles to Mountain Base Rd. Turn left on to Mountain Base road and follow it 0.9 miles past Uncanoonuc lake to it's end. The parking lot doubles as parking for the town beach and can get busy on hot days.

MAP: (S Uncanoonuc)


From parking on Mountain Base road follow the dirt road along the perimeter of Uncanoonuc lake passing a few cottages on your right to the Summit Trail start point. The summit trial is a wide carriage road that inclines gradually around the northern perimeter of South Uncanoonuc.  At 0.5 miles you reach a trail junction with the Link trail which leads you to Mountain road and North Uncanoonuc. Follow the Summit Trail as it turns to the south (left) and increases in grade as you ascend towards the summit. At 0.8 miles you encounter the summit road and can either follow the road the short distance to the summit or cross the road continuing along the trail.  Continuing along the Summit trial is slightly longer however there is no to minimal incline and several view points along the way. One view point provides great views of the Boston Skyline to your south and an second provides views towards downtown Manchester.  The true summit is inaccessible due to the radio antenna.  I saw no official markings.  Return the way you came.


Summit Trail - Link Trail junction = 0.5 miles
Link Trail junction - Summit Road crossing = 0.5 miles
Summit road crossing - summit = 0.15 miles

Total distance =1.2 miles


Summit Trail - Link Trail junction = 20 minutes
Link Trail junction - Summit Road crossing = 20 minutes
Summit road crossing - summit = 10 minutes


The Uncanoonuc Mountains are the local mountains in the background of Manchester and a popular hike amongst the locals.  North Uncanoonuc is the highest point in the town of Goffstown. The two mountains are similar in look and elevation and I've heard that the Indian word Uncanoonuc translates to Woman's breast.  North Uncanoonuc provides more of an outdoor experience than it's neighbor South Uncanoonuc which is populated with radio antenna, buildings and a drivable road. 

There are several trails leading to the summit of South Uncanoonuc.  The report above follows the red line on the map above.  A second option is the very interesting Incline trail, shown in blue.  The trail head begins at the same location and climbs steadily and steeply 0.6 miles following an abandoned cable car track to the summit.  The climb is steep and at 0.5 miles you encounter the stone remains of several buildings which I can only assume was the upper stopping point of the cable car. from here the Incline trail begins to level, crosses a dirt access road and leads a short distance to the summit. I would recommend making a loop out of the two trails described above.

A downloadable, printable and more thorough PDF copy of the map above can be found at the trails home page.

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