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Monday, November 16, 2009

Bread Loaf and Wilson

STATE: Vermont
DESTINATION: Bread Loaf / Mt. Wilson
ELEVATION: 3835 Ft / 3790 Ft
TRAIL: Skyline trail - Long Trail
DISTANCE: 9.2 miles
HIKING TIME: 3.5 Hours
SEASON: Late Fall
DATE: 11/15/09
WEATHER: 55 degrees, overcast
MAP: (Bread Loaf) (Wilson)

DESCRIPTION: Skyline trail was damp but in pristine condition after yesterdays rains. Encountered a couple muddy spots and the river crossings were swollen but nothing a hop, skip and jump couldn't fix. A very gradual incline through a open hardwood forest as the woods transitioned to spruce views remained open making for an enjoyable hike. LT was full of puddles and the section from Bread Loaf to the Emily Proctor Shelter was an ankle deep stream.
Skyline trail - Long Trail = 2.5 Mi
Long Trail - Bread Loaf Summit = 1.0 Mi
Bread Loaf Summit - Emily Procter Shelter = 0.75 Mi
Emily Procter Shelter - Wilson Summit = 0.35 Mi
Trail Head - 8:15 AM
Skyline Tr / LT junction - 9:15 AM
Bread Loaf Summit - 9:40 AM
Emily Procter Shelter - 10:00 AM
Mt. Wilson Summit - 10:10 AM
Emily Procter Shelter - 10:20 AM
Bread Loaf Summit - 10:35 AM
LT / Skyline Trail junction - 11:00 AM
Trail head - 11:40 AM

NOTES / COMMENTS: I carried winter gear but probably could have hiked in shorts and a T-shirt (slight exaggeration). Encountered zero snow or ice. The trails were almost completely wooded with a few outlooks along the way. The sum briefly peeked through the clouds as I traversed the summit ridge and started to mist on descent. A great hike.

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