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New England 100 highest mountains

HISTORY: In 1957 the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) formed the Four Thousand Footer Club (FTFC) with the purpose of introducing hikers to lesser known peaks of the New Hampshire White Mountains. The list of 48 mountains provided a reason for hikers to explore new areas and lessen the concentration of hikers along the heavily climbed Franconia Ridge and Presidential Range summits.

The New England 4000 footer club and New England 100 highest clubs were formed by the AMC as supplemental lists to the New Hampshire 4000 footers. After a hiker completed the 48 mountains of New Hampshire a hiker is typically bitten by the hiking bug and asked themselves "What next?" The AMC answered this question by creating the New England 4000 footer list. The New Hampshire 4000 footer list was expanded to include the fourteen 4000 foot peaks in Maine and five peaks in Vermont making a total of 67 peaks and the list was called the New England 4000 footer list.

In addition the AMC also created the New England 100 highest list by expanding the New England list of the 67 highest peaks even further increasing the number to the tallest 100 peaks. Several of these 100 peaks require trail less navigation skills called bushwhacking to attain the summit. To any hiker this made the list much more intimidating to accomplish requiring ample research, planning and execution. Of the 10,000+ hikers who completed the New Hampshire 4000 footer list only about 7.5% will complete the New England 100 highest list.

The list below combines the 48 New Hampshire 4000 footers, 67 New England 4000 footers and New England 100 highest into one single table. For those seeking the specific list of New Hampshire 4000 footers click the New Hampshire 100 highest link or tab above and reference the first 48 peaks.

The AMC recognizes anyone who has completed all of the peaks on the lists above with an award certificate and patch. Separate awards are given to those who have completed the lists below within the official* winter season.

Additional information can be found at the AMC 4000 Footer website.

*Official season is defined by "the hike must begin after the exact hour and minute of the winter solstice and must end before the exact hour and minute of the spring vernal equinox".

New England 100 Highest Mountains
Summit State Elevation MAP Trip Report
1Mt. WashingtonNew Hampshire6288MAP Trip Report
2Mt. AdamsNew Hampshire5774MAP Trip Report
3Mt. JeffersonNew Hampshire5712MAP Trip Report
4Mt. MonroeNew Hampshire5384MAP Trip Report
5Mt. MadisonNew Hampshire5367MAP Trip Report
6Mt. Katahdin (Baxter Peak)Maine 5268MAP Trip Report
7Mt. LafayetteNew Hampshire5260MAP Trip Report
8Mt. LincolnNew Hampshire5089MAP Trip Report
9South Twin Mtn.New Hampshire4902MAP Trip Report
10Carter DomeNew Hampshire4832MAP Trip Report
11Mt. MoosilaukeNew Hampshire4802MAP Trip Report
12Mt. EisenhowerNew Hampshire4780MAP Trip Report
13North Twin Mtn.New Hampshire4761MAP Trip Report
14Mt. Katahdin (Hamlin Peak)Maine 4756MAP Trip Report
15Mt. CarriganNew Hampshire4700MAP Trip Report
16Mt. BondNew Hampshire4698MAP Trip Report
17Middle Carter Mtn.New Hampshire4610MAP Trip Report
18West BondNew Hampshire4540MAP Trip Report
19Mt. GarfieldNew Hampshire4500MAP Trip Report
20Mt. LibertyNew Hampshire4459MAP Trip Report
21South Carter Mtn.New Hampshire4430MAP Trip Report
22Wildcat A Mtn.New Hampshire4422MAP Trip Report
23North HancockNew Hampshire4420MAP Trip Report
24Mt. MansfieldVermont4393MAP Trip Report
25South KinsmanNew Hampshire4358MAP Trip Report
26Mt. FieldNew Hampshire4340MAP Trip Report
27Mt. OsceolaNew Hampshire4340MAP Trip Report
28Mt. FlumeNew Hampshire4326MAP Trip Report
29South HancockNew Hampshire4319MAP Trip Report
30Mt. PierceNew Hampshire4310MAP Trip Report
31North KinsmanNew Hampshire4293MAP Trip Report
32Mt. WilleyNew Hampshire4285MAP Trip Report
33BondcliffNew Hampshire4265MAP Trip Report
34Sugarloaf Mtn.Maine 4240MAP Trip Report
35Zealand Mtn.New Hampshire4260MAP Trip Report
36KillingtonVermont4235MAP Trip Report
37North Crocker Mtn.Maine 4226MAP Trip Report
38Old SpeckMaine 4160MAP Trip Report
39North TripyramidNew Hampshire4180MAPTrip Report
40Mt. CabotNew Hampshire4170MAP Trip Report
41East OsceolaNew Hampshire4156MAP Trip Report
42North BrotherMaine 4151MAP Trip Report
43Bigelow Mtn.Maine 4145MAP Trip Report
44Saddleback Mtn.Maine 4120MAP Trip Report
45Middle TripyramidNew Hampshire4140MAPTrip Report
46Avery PeakMaine 4088MAP Trip Report
47Mt. EllenVermont4083MAP Trip Report
48Camels HumpVermont4080MAP Trip Report
49Cannon Mtn.New Hampshire4100MAP Trip Report
50Mt. HaleNew Hampshire4054MAP Trip Report
51Mt. JacksonNew Hampshire4052MAP Trip Report
52Mt. TomNew Hampshire4051MAP Trip Report
53Wildcat D Mtn.New Hampshire4050MAP Trip Report
54Mt. MoriahNew Hampshire4049MAP Trip Report
55Mt. PassaconawayNew Hampshire4043MAP Trip Report
56Saddleback Mtn. (The Horn)Maine 4041MAP Trip Report
57Mt. AbrahamMaine 4040MAP Trip Report
58South Crocker Mtn.Maine 4040MAP Trip Report
59Owls Head Mtn.New Hampshire4025MAP Trip Report
60Galehead Mtn.New Hampshire4024MAP Trip Report
61Mt. WhitefaceNew Hampshire4020MAP Trip Report
62Mt. WaumbekNew Hampshire4006MAP Trip Report
63Mt. AbrahamVermont4006MAP Trip Report
64Mt. IsolationNew Hampshire4004MAP Trip Report
65Mt. TecumsehNew Hampshire4003MAP Trip Report
66Spaulding Mtn.Maine 4000MAP Trip Report
67Mt. RedingtonMaine 4000MAP Trip Report
68South BrotherMaine 3970MAP Trip Report
69Snow Mtn. (Chain of Ponds)Maine 3960MAP Trip Report
70Sandwich DomeNew Hampshire3960MAP Trip Report
71Pico PeakVermont3957MAP Trip Report
72Stratton Mtn.Vermont3940MAP Trip Report
73The BulgeNew Hampshire3940MAP Trip Report
74Mt. NancyNew Hampshire3926MAP Trip Report
75The HornNew Hampshire3905MAP Trip Report
76North WeeksNew Hampshire3901MAP Trip Report
77South WeeksNew Hampshire3885MAP Trip Report
78Fort Mtn.Maine 3867MAP Trip Report
79Vose SpurNew Hampshire3862MAP Trip Report
80Goose Eye Mtn.Maine 3860MAP Trip Report
81Jay PeakVermont3858MAP Trip Report
82White Cap Mtn.Maine 3856MAP Trip Report
83Boundary PeakMaine 3855MAP Trip Report
84Equinox Mtn.Vermont3840MAP Trip Report
85East SleeperNew Hampshire3840MAP Trip Report
86Mendon PeakVermont3840MAP Trip Report
87Bread Loaf Mtn.Vermont3835MAP Trip Report
88"Nubble Peak"New Hampshire3813MAP Trip Report
89The HornsMaine 3805MAP Trip Report
90Mt. CoeMaine 3795MAP Trip Report
91East Kennebago Mtn.Maine 3791MAP Trip Report
92Big JayVermont3786MAP Trip Report
93Snow (Cupsuptic)Maine 3784MAP Trip Report
94Baldpate Mtn. (East Peak)Maine 3780MAP Trip Report
95Mt. WilsonVermont3780MAP Trip Report
96North Kennebago DivideMaine3775MAP Trip Report
97Scar Ridge (west)New Hampshire3774MAP Trip Report
98Elephant Mtn.Maine 3772MAP Trip Report
99Northeast Cannon BallNew Hampshire 3769MAP Trip Report
100DorsetVermont3760MAP Trip Report

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