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Monday, June 18, 2018

Stub Hill (3627 Feet)

STATE: New Hampshire
TOWN: Pittsburg
ELEVATION: 3627 Feet
SUMMIT COORDINATES: N45 06.407, W71 05.870
TRAIL: Fisherman's path, bushwhack
DISTANCE: 1.2 miles (round trip)
HIKING TIME: 30 minutes (round trip)
SEASON: Spring
DATE: June 16, 2018
WEATHER: Sunny, clear, 55 degrees

PARKING: Navigating the dirt logging roads to access Stub Hill is the most challenging aspect of this adventure. I'll try and be as detailed as possible with driving instructions. From route 3 in Pittsburg turn onto Magalloway road (marker 1) and drive 1.1 miles to (marker Stub 2) N45 07.078, W71 12.521.  Turn right onto Smith Brook road and continue 2.7 miles to (marker Stub 3) N45 07.721, W71 09.643.  Turn right and continue 1.6 miles to (marker Stub 4) N45 07.071, W71 08.316. Continue 0.9 miles to an intersection (marker Stub 5) at N45 07.002, W71 07.349. Most 2wd vehicles will make it to this point without issue and this would make a suitable parking spot (2.1 mile road walk) if you are hesitant about continuing further. From here continue left along a narrower ans steeper logging road to the height of land at N45 06.884, W71 06.067 (Stub Park)

Drive time from Manchester is 4 hours.

Driving map 1
Driving Map 2

USGS QUAD: Bosebuck Mountain Quad

MAP: (Stub Hill)


From the col follow the fisherman's trail towards Stub Hill Pond.  I encountered relatively open woods adjacent to the trail and in hindsight, started my bushwhack a little early through beautifully open waist high fern glades. I'd recommend continuing all the way to the pond. The entire 0.6 mile trek took 15 minutes to reach the summit.  The tree with sign and canister had fallen making them difficult to spot.


At 3627 feet, Stub Hill is (subjectively) ranked #81 on the list of New Hampshire 3500 footers. It is also the highest point in the town of Pittsburg. It is a relatively short and trivial bushwhack through very open woods and the difficulty of this mountain is navigating the plethora of logging roads that all appear identical.  From the col I'd recommend ascending Stub Hill North peak and driving to nearby Diamond Ridge.  Both are on the list of NH 3000 footers. 

Entrance to the Fisherman's Path from parking

Fisherman's trail

Open woods bushwhack

Stub Hill Summit sign and canister

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