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Monday, June 4, 2018

Sable Mountain (3519 Ft) and Chandler Mountain (3335 Ft.)

Mt. Sable from the Chandler
STATE: New Hampshire
TOWN: Chatham, Jackson
DESTINATION: Mt Sable, Mt. Chandler
Mt. Sable ELEVATION: 3519 Feet
Mt. Chandler ELEVATION: 3335 Feet
Sable SUMMIT COORDINATES: N44 12.901, W71 05.740
Chandler SUMMIT COORDINATES: N44 12.150, W71 06.366
TRAIL: Fire Road 17A, Bushwhack
DISTANCE: 6.75 miles
SEASON: Spring
DATE: May 24, 2018
WEATHER: 65 degrees, sunny, clear

PARKING: From route 16 in Glen turn onto Town Hall Rd for 7.0 miles to the gated end. Fire Road 17A is the left fork.

USGS QUAD:  USGS Chatham Quad

MAP: (Chandler Map) (Sable Map)


This was a relatively docile and trivial bushwhack.  From the gated parking area follow Fire Road 17A approximately 1.75 miles towards Chandler. The road seems to continue along a contour but begins to trail away from the peak and the hardwoods were mostly open so I angled in setting a course for Chandler.  The 0.75 mile bushwhack through mostly open woods was enjoyable with a moderately steep incline in places. The Chandler summit was open with great views to the north and west.  Continue north descending through a fern birch glade full of moose sign to the col where the woods get a little more moderate but still easy whacking 1.0 miles to the Sable Summit.  I intended to head due east and pick up the Slippery Brook trail but the open woods were so beautiful that I chose to bushwhack 2.0 miles back to FR17. At 2200 Feet I encountered an open logging slash with lots of thick and thorny underbrush. It was easier to avoid the open clearing and continue through the moderate hardwoods back to FR17.  From here it was a 1.25 mile walk along the fire road back to parking.


Fire Rd 17 to bushwhack 1.75 miles 1.75 miles
bushwhack to Chandler 0.75 miles 2.5 miles
Chandler to Sable 1.0 miles 3.5 miles
Sable to FR17 2.0 miles 5.5 miles
Fire Rd 17 to Parking 1.25 miles 6.75 miles


At 3519 Feet, Sable mountain is ranked #100 on the list of 3500 footers. Chandler is on the list of NH 3000 foot peaks and the open bushwhack makes it a very easy two-fer.  Both peaks contain a PVC summit canister although the one on Sable is a much smaller diameter.

Faint traces of a trail leading towards the Chandler Summit

two of many moose antlers

Chandler Summit

Sable Summit

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