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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mt. Deception (3671 Ft)

The Deception summit canister
STATE: New Hampshire
TOWN: Low and Burbanks Grant
DESTINATION: Mt. Deception
SUMMIT COORDINATES: N44 17.610, W71 25.238
TRAIL: Bushwhack
DISTANCE: 3.5 miles
HIKING TIME: 2 hours 45 minutes
DATE: November 4, 2016
WEATHER: Overcast, drizzle, light snow at higher elevation

PARKING: From Route 302 turn onto Cherry Mountain Rd.  The road passes a few houses and is gated 0.5 miles from route 302.  Continue 2.0 miles to campsite 7 on the right.

Driving time from Manchester is approximately 2 hours.

USGS QUAD: USGS Mt. Dartmouth Quad

MAP: (Mt. Deception)


Parking can be found at Camp 7 on Cherry Mountain Rd.  This is a very open area that appears more of a sand pit with a fire ring than a designated camping spot.  I heard rumors of a trail leading from behind the campsite and I found several restroom area short herd paths but nothing substantial. I departed the camp over a hump along the back right, descended to a stream crossing and started the bushwhack from there. The woods were relatively open and after 0.4 miles crossing a very old logging road that runs northwest to southeast. This road can be seen on Google Earth aerial images. I followed the logging road a few hundred feet but found it headed further south than I planned and I found less interference and resistance through the open woods.  I slabbed the north side of Deception and encountered a few bands of semi-heavy woods but 95% of this bushwhack was a straight line through clear hardwood that transition to spruce and fir trees that never got very thick. The most difficult aspect was the blister promoting side-step angular hiking on the mountain slopes. As I reached the western sub summit I encountered the old and abandoned Deception trail leading towards the western summit.  There weren't any views with the cloud-covered overcast skies.  The trail was littered with challenging blow downs and I found less resistance bushwhacking parallel to the trail 75-100 feet to the north avoiding the blow downs on the summit ridge-line.

Use caution with your compass bearing on descent as the woods and terrain pull you to the north.


Camp 7 - Deception summit 1.75 miles 1.75 miles


Camp 7 - Deception summit 1 hour 30 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes
Deception summit - Camp 7 1 hour 15 minutes 2 hour 45 minutes


Mt. Deception is ranked #75 on the list of NH 3500 foot mountains and the 53rd most prominent mountain in the state. The western sub summit has directional views towards the Mt. Washington hotel and presidential range. Due to the weather all I saw were clouds resulting in minimal photos to share. There are no views from the Mt. Deception summit and no markings other than the summit canister (shown above).

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