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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mt. Clough, 3561 Ft.

Tunnel Brook Trailhead
STATE: New Hampshire
TOWN: Benton
ELEVATION: 3561 feet
SUMMIT COORDINATES: N44 01.768, W71 52.322
TRAIL: Tunnel Brook Trail, Bushwhack
DISTANCE: 6 miles
HIKING TIME: 3 hours 5 minutes
SEASON: Late Spring
DATE: June 18, 2016
WEATHER: 75 degrees, blue skies

PARKING: Follow route 25 (93 North Exit 26) approximately 20 miles to the small town of Glencliff.  Turn right on High Street towards the Glencliff house and follow it exactly 1 mile to FR 19 on the left.  This is a dirt road with a Smokey Bear sign guarding the entrance. After 0.3 miles the Tunnel Brook Trail sign is on the right.  There is roadside parking for 2-3 cars.

USGS QUAD: Mount Moosilauke Quad

MAP: (Mt. Clough)

Tunnel Brook trail and bushwhack to Mt. Clough


The Tunnel Brook trail follows a woods road 0.2 miles then crossed Jeffers Brook at the junction with Slide Brook.  Here the trail becomes single track through a mix of hardwood, conifer and ferns.  The trail then makes a double crossing of a tributary entering Slide Brook and Slide Brook itself.  You'll reach a third and final crossing of Slide Brook and at 1.1 miles you'll encounter a small reservoir used as the water supply for the NH Home for the elderly in Glencliff.  The area was under construction as I arrived and bordered with plastic red fencing. The trail continues along the left side of Slide Brook.  At 1.8 miles (2300 ft elevation) I started the bushwhack (N44 00.940, W71 51.850).  In hindsight, I should have continued another 500 feet along the trail as my entry point was a bit premature.  The woods were open and easy to navigate. My goal was to hit the curved ridge-line along the eastern flank of Mt. Clough and follow it to the summit.  The terrain was steep and once I reached the ridge-line was able to follow a mild herd path. The herd path disappeared more than it appeared however the ridge was distinct and easy to follow in an upwards path.  At 2800 feet the herd-path became much more distinct, well trodden and easy to follow that would appear, disappear at a downed tree then reappear a few dozen feet later. I encountered a thick band of conifers at 3300 feet that can be avoided by skirting the easterly perimeter.  The summit is marked with the standard PVC canister.  There is no signage.

I traced my steps most of the way down.  Once I descended to 2400 feet I changed bearing to a more easterly direction and encountered the Tunnel Brook Trail .13 miles north of my original entrance point.
Views towards Mt. Moosilauke
Herd path along the ridge-line


Tunnel Brook trail - start of bushwhack 1.8 miles 1.8 miles
Bushwhack - Mt. Clough Summit 1.2 miles 3 miles
Mt. Clough Summit - end of bushwhack 1.2 miles 4.2 miles
Tunnel Brook trail - Parking 1.8 miles 6 miles


Tunnel Brook trail - start of bushwhack 40 minutes 40 minutes
Bushwhack - Mt. Clough Summit 1 hour 1 hour 40 minutes
Mt. Clough Summit - end of bushwhack 45 minutes 2 hours 25 minutes
Tunnel Brook trail - Parking 40 minutes 3 hours 5 minutes


Mt. Clough is ranked the 94th highest mountain in New Hampshire. It has 1261 feet prominence making it the 47th most prominent peak in New Hampshire.  There are no views from the summit however there are good views of Mt. Moosilauke from an open area along the climb.

Mt. Clough Summit canister

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