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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mt. Greylock - 3491 Ft.

STATE: Massachusetts
TOWN: Adams
ELEVATION: 3491 Feet
SUMMIT COORDINATES: N42 38.235, W73 09.960
TRAIL: Cheshire Harbor Trail, Appalachian Trail
DISTANCE: 7 miles
HIKING TIME: 2 hours
SEASON: Late Summer
DATE: August 18, 2013
WEATHER: 70 degrees, overcast


From route 8 in Adams turn onto Friend street / Notch Rd, follow it 1.0 miles to the 4 way stop. Continue straight onto West Road for 0.55 miles and turn right onto West Mountain Road for 1.5 miles to the gravel parking lot at the end. Parking is available for 10-15 cars.

USGS QUAD: USGS Williamstown Quad

MAP: (Mt. Greylock)


The Cheshire Harbor Trail is one of the more popular routes to Mt. Greylock. It begins at the end of West Mountain road at the northeast corner of the parking lot and bears left through a grassy field. Enter the woods and reach the rocky carriage road as it passes around a gate stating no wheeled vehicles are allowed. The trail is a gravel road that begins with easy footing over an easy grade. After 5 minutes you reach the first in a series of switchbacks and the intersection with a blue blazed trail continuing straight. Follow the carriage road 1 mile to the intersection with the Old Adams Road trail. From here the trail narrows but is still wide enough for a 4x4 vehicle and terrain becomes loose rocks. At approximately 1.5 miles the Pecks Brook Loop trail enters from the right and terrain becomes even more narrow with even looser footing. The trail is wet in places and I noted this stretch of trail as "ankle-sprain terrain" due to the loose rocks under foot. After 0.9 miles you cross a small footbridge, increase a moderate grade and reach the intersection with the AT and summit road. Follow the AT across the road as it follows foot bridges then along the perimeter of a small lake before merging with the summit road a second time. The AT continues a 0.15 miles to the summit. You exit the trail in a parking area and the summit is a short distance across the parking lot. The summit is mostly open and marked with a large War Memorial Tower and has 50-60 mile views to the east.


Cheshire Harbor Trail - Junction with Old Adams Road 1.0 miles 1.0 miles
Cheshire Harbor Trail - Junction with Pecks Brook Loop 0.5 miles 1.5 miles
Cheshire Harbor Trail - footbridge crossing 1.0 miles 2.5 miles
Cheshire Harbor Trail - Summit road / AT merge 0.1 miles 2.6 miles
Appalachian Trail - Summit .75 miles 3.3 miles


Cheshire Harbor Trail - Junction with Old Adams Road 15 minutes 15 minutes
Cheshire Harbor Trail - Junction with Pecks Brook Loop 10 minutes 25 minutes
Cheshire Harbor Trail - footbridge crossing 15 minutes 40 minutes
Cheshire Harbor Trail - Summit road / AT merge 5 minutes 45 minutes
Appalachian Trail - Summit 15 minutes 60 minutes
Summit - parking 60 minutes 2 hours


Mt. Greylock is the highest point in the state of Massachusetts at 3491 feet. It's summit contains a Massachusetts War Memorial and offers spectacular views of the surrounding area.  There are 2 roads leading to the summit making it a popular place for tourists. It also contains Bascom Lodge which is a large rustic stone lodge built in the 1930's to provide accommodations to hikers, vacationers and nature enthusiasts. 

A tree and sign at the Cheshire Harbor trailhead
The Cheshire Harbor Trail at the intersection of Old Adams Road trail
 A small pond and shelter along the AT corridor near the summit of Mt. Greylock

easterly view from the summit of Mt. Greylock

Bascom Lodge

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