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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Giant Mountain (4625 Feet), Rocky Peak Ridge (4383 Feet)

Mt. Marcy and the Gothics from Giant Peak*
STATE: New York
TOWN: Keene
DESTINATION: Giant Mountain, Rocky Peak Ridge
ELEVATION: 4625 Feet
Giant SUMMIT COORDINATES: N44 09.668' W73 43.218'
TRAIL: Zander Scott Trail, East Trail
DISTANCE:8.5 miles
HIKING TIME: 4 hours 13 minutes
SEASON: Late Summer
DATE: August 19, 2013
WEATHER: 80 degrees, humid, clear

PARKING: From route 87 take route 9 North for 6 miles. Off road parking is available on both sides of the road. The trail head is on the right hand side.

USGS QUAD: USGS Rocky Peak Ridge Quad

MAP: (Giant Mountain), (Rocky Peak Ridge)


The Zander Scott trail is marked with blue disks stating "foot travel only" and begins a steep relentless ascent up the western ridge of Giant Mountain. The rugged terrain parallels a dry river bed crossing it twice before encountering a series of switchbacks quickly rising in elevation. At a 3rd crossing of the dry river bed the trail makes a steep pitch up a rocky ledge to your first in a series of many viewpoints along the trail. Continue over a short flat section to the border of Giant Washbowl pond. Cross the footbridge and continue ascending a short distance to the Nubble trail junction departing to the left. The Zander Scott continues it's steep rocky ascent making several switchbacks before reaching a series of granite slabs. The terrain is rough requiring hand and footholds over several technical sections. The bare slabs offer increasingly spectacular views of the Dix range, Nipple Top and Dial. After 1.5 miles you'll reach the 1/2 way point and the approximate trail split offering the option of continuing Over Bump or Around Bump. I chose the around route enjoying the short level section before merging with the Over Bump trail option. Continue the brutally steep ascent reaching the Roaring Brook Trail merge at 2.2 miles. From here it's a 0.65 mile trek to the East Trail beginning with a gradual ascent for a few tenths of a mile then ascending steeply to the junction of the East trail leading to Rocky Peak Ridge. the 1.2 mile East trail descends extremely steeply (1000 feet in 0.5 miles) down a technical and difficult climb to the col before the trail levels for a short destance then begins it's moderate ascent to Rocky Peak Ridge. The ascent is mostly wooded but opens to panoramic views at the summit. Return the way you came and continue 0.1 mile leading to the open summit of Giant Mountain. The summit is marked with a benchmark disk and provides spectacular views of the Adirondack mountains to the west. Well done!


Zander Scott trail - outlook 0.7 miles 0.7 miles
Zander Scott trail - Nubble Trail Junction 0.3 miles 1.0 miles
Zander Scott trail - Over bump / Around bump split 0.7 miles 1.7 miles
Zander Scott trail - Roaring Brook Trail merge 0.5 miles 2.2 miles
Zander Scott trail - East trail merge 0.65 miles 2.9 miles
East trail - Rocky Peak Ridge 1.2 miles 4.1 miles
Rocky Peak Ridge - Zander Scott trail jct 1.2 miles 5.3 miles
Zander Scott Trail - Giant Summit 0.1 miles 5.4 miles
Giant Summit - Parking 3.1 miles 8.5 miles


Zander Scott trail - outlook 15 minutes 15 minutes
Zander Scott trail - Giant Washbowl 5 minutes 20 minutes
Zander Scott trail - Nubble Trail Junction 5 minutes 25 minutes
Zander Scott trail - Over bump / Around bump split 30 minutes 55 minutes
Zander Scott trail - Roaring Brook Trail merge 15 minutes 1 hour 10 minutes
Zander Scott trail - East trail merge 20 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes
East trail merge - Rocky Peak Ridge Summit 45 minutes 2 hours 15 minutes
Rocky Peak Summit - Zander Scott trail merge 35 minutes 2 hours 50 minutes
Zander Scott trail - Giant summit 5 minutes 2 hours 55 minutes
Giant summit - parking 1 hour 35 minutes 4 hours 30 minutes


At 4625 feet Giant Mountain is the 12th highest peak in the state of New York. It has a significant elevation gain over rugged, rocky and terrain ranging from steep to brutally steep. Rocky Peak Ridge is 1.2 miles to the east and Giant Mountain is often combined with Rocky Peak. The 1.2 miles contains a 1000 foot drop to a 700 feet incline over it's 1.2 mile distance. The Zander Scott trail offers spectacular views of the Adirondacks over nearly it's entire distance. The originally named Ridge Trail was renamed Zander Scott in 1992.
The Nubble from the perimeter of Giant Washbowl
 Open granite ledges from the Zander Scott Trail

 The Dix range from the Giant Mountain summit.*

Rocky Peak Ridge from Giant Mountain

*- This was my first experience in the Adirondacks and I was out of my element when detecting nearby mountains and ranges.  The peaks depicted are named to the best of my ability however may contain inaccuracies.

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