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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

West Scar Ridge - 3774 Ft / Loon Mountain - 3065 Ft

DESTINATION: West Scar Ridge / Loon Mountain
ELEVATION: 3774 Ft / 3065 Ft
TRAIL: Ski Trails - Black Mountain Trail - Bushwhack
SEASON: Early Spring / Winter conditions
DATE: 4/17/2010
WEATHER: Cool, clear, sunny
PARKING: Park at Loon Mountain Ski Area
MAP: (West Scar Ridge) (Loon Mtn.)

I started at the base of Loon Mountains Ski resort (which is still open) and hiked up the left side of the left most ski trails. The Brookway ski trail was well groomed packed powder and I soon reached the Lower and Upper Walking Boss ski trail. As elevation increased the trail became steeper and icier making some sort of traction device essential. After reaching the ski area summit I encountered an Eastward trail that (I assume) connects Loon to Black Mountain.  I followed the trail until it made a distinct left (North) and headed the direction of Black Mountain. The bushwhack began here and I headed due east to the indistinct dome summit of West Scar Ridge.

We followed our footsteps back to the Loon Mountain Ski trails and made a brief stop at Loon Mountain North Peak.

Brookway / Walking boss - Loon Summit = 2.0 Miles
Black Mountain Trail - start of bushwhack = 0.5 Mi.
Bushwhack to West Scar = 0.9 Mi.
Return to Loon Summit = 1.4 Mi.
Loon summit to Loon North Peak = 0.3 Miles
Loon North Peak - Parking = 2.3 Mi.

Parking to Loon Summit = 60 Minutes
Loon Summit to West Scar Summit = 90 minutes
Descent = 2.5 Hours

I couldn’t have asked for better conditions for both the weather and trails. Last night’s cool temperatures and a 7:45 AM early start left a frozen crust of snow making walking conditions extremely friendly and gentle. The summit of the ski area was reached pretty quickly and our final destination, West Scar ridge could be seen looming a little over a mile away. This is considered one of the hardest mountains to access in the entire state however I found the gentle grade and relatively open woods much easier than expected.

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