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Friday, May 17, 2013

Meetinghouse Hill - 675 Ft

STATE: New Hampshire
DESTINATION: Meetinghouse Hill
TRAIL: Cemetery
SEASON: Spring
DATE: May 16, 2013
WEATHER: 70 Degrees, Partly cloudy

PARKING: from Rt. 43 turn onto Mt. Delight Rd. Pull off the road near the cemetery gate.

MAP: (Meetinghouse Hill)

DESCRIPTION: From parking enter the cemetery then ascend to the high point.  There are no official markings at the summit. I found the highest point at the Ambrose family monument.

NOTES / COMMENTS: Meetinghouse Hill cemetery is the burial spot for Major John Simpson a Revolutionary War Soldier credited with firing the first shot at the Battle of Bunker Hill (He must have good eyes).

In the photo above closely examine the granite footer below the gate. The words ELEV. 620 FT. are chiseled into the granite.
This isn't the highest point however a interesting marking and great reference for the actual highpoint not far away.

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