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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Foss Mountain - 1657 Ft.

The White Mountains from Foss Mtn.
STATE: New Hampshire
DESTINATION: Foss Mountain
TRAIL: Foss Mtn. Trail
DISTANCE: 1.1 Miles
HIKING TIME: 45 minutes
SEASON: Summer
DATE: July 24, 2010
WEATHER: Sunny, clear


From route 153 in Eaton turn east on Brownfield Rd. At 1.5 miles turn right onto Bull Pasture Rd. in 1.0 miles this tee's onto Stewart Rd. Turn Right onto Stewart Rd then left to Foss Mountain Rd. Summer Trailhead parking is at N43 52.922, W71 02.208. Winter (off season) parking is at N43 53.709, W71 02.761

MAP: (Foss Mtn.)


The Foss Mountain Trail starts up the stone steps to the left of a gated entrance.  Pass the trailhead kiosk and continue 500 feet through open fields.  The trail enters the woods and skirts the field perimeter as it ascends gradually 0.2 miles to the ridge.  I would recommend bearing right to Foss North peak for amazing views of the White Mountains.  Follow the Foss Mountain trails South as they disintegrate into herd paths passing through a plethora of blueberry fields. At 0.5 miles you'll reach a stone wall. The South Foss Mtn. summit is a few hundred feet to the south.


Foss Mountain Trail - North Summit = 0.25 Miles
North Summit - South (higher) summit = 0.56 Miles

Foss Mountain Trail - North Summit = 20 minutes
North Summit - South (higher) summit = 20 minutes


The northern peak offers the best views of the ridge and is definitely worth a visit.  The blueberries belong to the town of Eaton and are sold commercially. Picking them is frowned upon until after the official harvest.
As you exit the woods onto the summit col there is a short granite slope rock climb to the North Peak of Foss Mtn.

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