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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dunbarton High Point - 925 Ft.

STATE: New Hampshire
DESTINATION: Dunbarton Town high point
TRAIL: Bushwhack
HIKING TIME: 2 minutes
SEASON: Spring
DATE: May 22, 2013
WEATHER: 60 degrees, overcast, wet
PARKING: From route 13 in Dunbarton ascend the hill and pull over near the highest point.

MAP: (Dunbarton High Point)

DESCRIPTION: Follow the well crafted rock wall approximately 250 Ft. to the summit area. High point is not obvious, not flagged and does not have any official markings. I found a misaligned rock on top of another rock which seemed really close to the HP. No views.

Parking - High Point = 250 Ft.

NOTES / COMMENTS: Reaching the Dunbarton High Point is extremely easy and uneventful.  There is the excitement of following and crossing the well crafted farmers rock wall.

The photo below shows the misaligned rocks at the highest point.

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