Friday, May 24, 2013

Chester NH higpoint - 639 Ft.

STATE: New Hampshire
DESTINATION: Chester NH Highpoint
TRAIL: bushwhack
SEASON: Spring
DATE: May 24, 2013
WEATHER: overcast, 72 degrees, humid

MAP: (Chester High Point)

NOTE: The highpoint is marked with the X at 639 Ft. (top left) and not the push pin on 595 Ft. Bell Hill (top right).


All I knew about the Chester highpoint is from the geography section of the Chester, NH Wikipedia article -  "The highest point in Chester, NH is an unnamed summit reaching 639 Ft near the towns southwest corner."  I pulled a topographical map of Chester and found the 639 Ft. highpoint on the map. 

I then evaluated the location on Google Earth and it appears to be a short bushwhack off a well traveled Bridle Path Rd.

Unfortunately, I didn't evaluate the map details close enough and when I paid the area a visit today Bridle Path Rd. is gated at the intersection of Harantis Lake Rd. and the property at the end of the road is an electrical or radio tower. On the highpoint side of the Bridle Path Rd. is posted private property making the highpoint legally inaccessible.

Once you obtain permission, the summit area of the Chester highpoint is a few hundred feet in diameter and summit highpoint isn't blatantly obvious.  There are no markings and the highest point appeared to be the top of the large rock below.  There are no views.


  1. The name of this Hill is Bell Hill.

    1. The highpoint is at 639 Ft. and not nearby on 595 Ft. Bell Hill.