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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Campbell Hill - Hooksett - 605 Ft.

Campbell Hill - 605 Ft.
STATE: New Hampshire
DESTINATION: Campbell Hill
TRAIL: Bushwhack
DISTANCE: 0.15 miles
HIKING TIME: 20 minutes
DATE: May 29, 2013
WEATHER: Overcast, drizzle, 60 degrees


From route 3 in Hooksett turn onto Lindsay Rd for 0.5 miles. Turn right onto Nancy Rd. and follow it to the cul-de-sac. Park at the gate.

MAP: (Campbell Hill) 

DESCRIPTION: Campbell Hill was deceivingly complicated for a short and straight bushwhack. From your parking spot walk through the gate for about 100 Ft. then head towards the summit. The gravel Rd. transitions to a herd path then peters out completely within a few hundred feet. The bushwhacking (which appears easy on Google Earth) is thick and dense with very sharp thorn raspberry bushes making progress slow and painfully nasty. I transitioned directly to the woods and headed straight for the summit. There is a short band of cliffs you will need to navigate before reaching and eastern summit. There are a total of 3 bumps and according to my GPSr the center hump appears to be 2 to 3 Ft. taller than the western hump.

There are no official markings at the summit although I found some blue flagging at the middle and Western bump. There are no views from the summit.


Parking - Summit = 0.15 miles


parking - Summit = 15 minutes


from the furthest West summit there is a trail leading to the northwest. This is the opposite direction I was headed but I suspect the trail descends to the auto dealership on route 3. I recommend avoiding the shortest and direct route at all costs.  The picture below is the short but steep cliff band to the east of Campbell Hill

This cliff band was the most technical section of the short hike.

The Western (lower) bump of Campbell Hill

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