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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

91 - East Kennebago - 3791 Ft

DESTINATION: East Kennbago
TRAIL: Jeep trail to boundary line / bushwhack
DISTANCE: ~ 4 miles Round trip
HIKING TIME: 1 Hr 45 minutes
SEASON: Late Spring
DATE: 6/12/2010
WEATHER: 75 deg, overcast, humid
MAP: (E Kennebago)

DESCRIPTION: I parked at the red dot on the map above. The road continued however contained washouts and downed trees that I wasn't comfortable driving a AWD Subaru through. I followed the route marked in yellow walking the washed out remains of the 4x4 jeep road as it got more and more overgrown to the town border where I could follow a clearcut border line to the height of land then bushwhack approximately 0.35 miles directly to the summit.  The trip was relatively uneventful and went as good as could be expected. The bushwhack was rougher and steeper than I anticipated and the mountain was peppered with downed trees anywhere making a straight line path very difficult to follow. The standing spruce wasn't too thick and I could plow through with little difficulty landing on the summit ridge much to the surprise of a cow moose and her calf. In my moose filled excitement I almost missed the summit canister right next to me.

TRAIL DISTANCES: Trails? What trails?

HIKING TIMES: 1 Hr up, 45 Min descent

NOTES / COMMENTS: My chosen route appeared to be the typical approach to East Kennebago and I didn't expect to lose the trail amongst the downed trees.  I was thankful to have my GPSr handy with breadcrumbs marked every few hundred feet.

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