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Monday, January 11, 2010

North Hancock, South Hancock

STATE: New Hampshire
DESTINATION: North Hancock, South Hancock
ELEVATION: 4420 Ft, 4319 Ft
TRAIL: Hancock Notch trail, Cedar Brook Trail, Hancock Loop Trail
DISTANCE: 9.4 miles
HIKING TIME: 3 Hr 45 minutes
SEASON: Winter
DATE: 1/1/2010
WEATHER: 25 - 30 degrees, cloudy, light snowfall
MAP: (North Hancock) (South Hancock)

DESCRIPTION: The entire loop had been recently traversed and the trails were an easily navigable channel of packed powder. The Hancock Notch trail is relatively flat. Cedar Brook had some ups and downs however I'd classify the terrain as easy. The Hancock Loop trail was brutally steep and difficult, challenging both the legs and lungs.

Hancock Notch trail - Cedar Brook Junction = 1.8 mi.
Cedar Brook - Hancock Loop Junction = 0.7 mi.
Hancock loop = 4.6 mi.

Round trip = 9.6 miles


3:45 round trip

NOTES / COMMENTS: Hiking in winter conditions can be challenging and I was extremely pleased to see the trail in optimal conditions. I was able to snowshoe the entire distance making great time. The North Hancock slide is brutally steep and the crampons of my Denali EVO snowshoes passed the test. Overcast skies limited views to a few hundred yards.

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