Tuesday, January 26, 2010


STATE: New Hampshire
DESTINATION: Cannon Mountain
TRAIL: Kinsman Ridge Trail
DISTANCE: 2.2 Miles
HIKING TIME: 2 Hours 5 minutes
SEASON: Winter
DATE: 1/24/2010
WEATHER: 30 Degrees, sunny, 40 MPH winds
MAP: (Cannon)

DESCRIPTION: From the Ski Area parking lot the trail travels through a flat picnic area then ascends steeply. After ~0.5 miles the trail switchbacks through a ski glade and can be difficult to follow. Staying my course angling across the glade would eventually result in finding a faded blue blaze. As the glade thins there is a tree on the left hand side with ski rope wrapped around it. The trail continues to the left of the tree and incline isn't as steep.

At 1.5 miles there is an unmarked junction. The left spur leads to open ledges and spectacular views of Franconia Ridge.

The 0.5 miles to the rim trail are exposed and if I didn't have clear skies and a visual of the summit tower following the trail through the windblown drifts would have been extremely difficult. The final 0.2 miles followed a ski trail.


Kinsman Ridge Trail - unmarked lookout spur = 1.5 miles
Lookout Spur - Rim trail = 0.5 miles
Rim trail - summit tower = 0.2 miles

Round trip = 4.4 miles


Round trip = 2 Hr 5 min.

NOTES / COMMENTS: The exposed ridge from the outlook trail merge contained 40 MPH consistent winds and significant drifting making the trail nearly impossible to follow. My tracks had completely blown over the few minutes I was on the summit.

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