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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

North and South Weeks

STATE: New Hampshire
DESTINATION: North and South Weeks
ELEVATION: 3901 Ft / 3885 Ft
TRAIL: York Pond Trail - Kilkenny Trail
SEASON: Late Summer
DATE: 9/19/09
WEATHER: 45 Degrees, Overcast - Windy
MAP: (N Weeks) (S Weeks)
Parking is located at the end of York Pond Road accessed through the Berlin Fish Hatchery. The York Pond Trail head is on the left side of the road. The York Pond trail starts off through open fields and is overgrown in many places. After a few stream crossings the elevation increases and trail becomes less overgrown. At 2.4 miles you'll reach the Kilkenny ridge trail intersection. Take a left and start your incline to the N Weeks summit. The trail goes through some open birch forests with some overgrowth. The N Weeks Summit is not obvious and not marked with no views. At the ridge top there will be several unmarked herd paths to unofficial campsites. It's another 2.4 miles over the Middle Weeks summit to South Weeks which has a more distinct summit however views are still limited.

York Pond Trail - Kilkenny Ridge trail = 2.4 Mi
Kilkenny Ridge - North Weeks Summit = 1.3 Mi
North Weeks - South Weeks Summit = 2.4 Mi

One way distance = 6.1 miles

Trail head - 7:45 AM
N Weeks Summit - 9:15 AM (1:30)
M Weeks Summit - 9:45 AM (2:00)
S Weeks Summit - 10:00 AM (2:15)
M Weeks Summit - 10:20 AM (2:35)
N Weeks Summit - 10:50 AM (3:05)
Trail head - 12:00 (4:15)

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